HP ProLiant Server – ML350P – Standard config

server widnowsComputer networks have become an integral part of every office environment; when properly configured, they can save your money and facilitate sharing your informations.
IT Managers need to think about which kind of servers are designed and configured to meet companies’ needs, budgets, and expectation for elegant and powerful solutions.

As soon as they have 2 computers, companies can invest in a server. What is a server by the way?
Servers are like dedicated brains which manage plenty of tasks: the first  is  managing internet connection and security. Creating users and their allocated space and allowed possibilities, sorting users’ data and giving access to them, backups of course… But the big thing is that a server is not only a machine that could run repetitive tasks or sort an enormous quantity of data, it is also powerful software, and will be, once it is connected to a network of computers, the master of all software!  In addition to managing a network, a server will allow you to access your email, host your websites, and allow you to use Office or Photoshop… anywhere you are based: within or outside of your company’s network.
By using your laptop, smartphone or tablet, anywhere you are, you can access your email, your software, and the folder with all your professional data. Of course, an internet connection is all you need. It is a complete de-materialization solution.


In our case, at eParts’ we choose to work with Windows Server 2012 installed on a HP Proliant 350p Gen8 ©.
> 32Go Ram, 2x Xeon  E5-2620 24cores, 8x300G, for 25 PC’s and multiple applications running.

[box type= »info »] What’s inside?[/box]

Server model:
for  HP here it is some different models:
Apollo 6000 or 8000
BL 280c to 890c
DL (Density Line) 160se to 980
ML (Modular Line) 110 to ML 370
SL (Scalable Line) 230s to SL 4540


this server use a HP 460W powersupply hotswap and redundant: 511777-001 or 503296-B21


Check-out our special features for HDD Server solutions storage: for SATA hard Drive 3.5″ check out our available stock:

432401-001 HDD 750GB Hotplug 7.2K: from 52€
454273-001 HDD 1TB Hotplug 7.2K: from 55€
459319-001 HDD 500GB Hotplug 7.2K: 69€
483095-011 HDD 160GB Hotplug 7.2K: from 75€
626162-001 HDD 1TB Hotplug 7.2K: from 127€

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389346-001 HDD 72GB Hotplug 10K 2.5″: from 50€

418397-001 HDD 36GB Hotplug 15K 2.5″: from 85€

418398-001 HDD 72GB Hotplug 15K 2.5″: from 85€

418399-001 HDD 146GB Hotplug 10K 2.5″: from 48€

432320-001 HDD 146GB Hotplug 10K: from 69€

432321-001 HDD 72GB Hotplug 15K 2.5″: from 45€

432322-001 HDD 36GB Hotplug 15K 2.5″: from 79€

488058-001 HDD 146GB Hotplug 15K 3.5″: from 79€

653955-001 HDD 300GB Hotplug 10K 2.5″: from 133€

HP Ethernet 331i 1Gb 4ports

For instance
Launched in 2012,  SandyBridge-E 2 processors intel Xeon  E5-2620 avec 6 cœurs physique chacun et 12 cœurs logiques (12 threads), 2,0 GHz, 15 Mo, 95 Watt, 7K/s, 42.6 GB/s, 64-bit

Type of OS Server :
>Linux, Windows, Mac OSx, FreeBSD…

Size class:
>Rack, tower, blade, DataCenter ?

Whats your need?
>Application server, file server, media server, mail server?..



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